Roselyn Connor

Customer Testimonials

"I want to be signed up for any course that has your name as the instructor."

Roland Kauwe, Pearl Harbor Hawaii 

"Roselyn, your seminars aren't just changing workplaces, they're changing lives. You have a gift, not just a career."  Adele Perkins, Philadelphia, PA

"I can't relay adequately how much I enjoyed the course. And the student interaction was testimony to both the enjoyable nature and value your course presented."
Captain Michael Rocklin, MD, San Antonio, TX USN

"I want Ms. Connor to train all my staff at my new post.” Gen Tryon, US Marine Corps

"This was the best leadership training I've ever received, even better than during airman training."  Jacob Anderson, NAVFAC Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


“Your seminar was the best of the entire conference. We got concrete strategies we can begin using right away. This is the reason I came all the way from Canada.”
Colleen Prail, International Carwash Association, Las Vegas NV


"People have been constantly talking about your seminar. Many said it was the best they'd seen. It's great to see such a positive response."

Jackie Trotter, Blue Cross & Blue Shield

“In 18 years of military service, this is by far the best 1 day seminar on leadership I have attended - actually it was better than most 1 week courses as well. Ms. Connor was exceptional." Captain Bill Wilson, US Navy, New Orleans

"Your personal insight into people, was amazing and your ability to use your gift to help others improve more than just communication, you are improving lives. Your leadership and coaching style is insightful and thoughtful. I believe if others had this opportunity we could improve our command and the Navy." Randall Yuen, Supervisor, Honolulu, Hawaii

“This presentation was the BEST I’ve ever experienced!”
Bruce Minnis, Stennis Space Center, MS


"We needed a seminar like this one.  Officers haven't stopped talking about the seminar.”
Sergeant Barry Williams, Police Department, Oak Park, IL


“I’ve never been to a better seminar in my whole career.  You’ve really got something special!”
John Anderson, Air Force, Charleston SC


"Roselyn, I don't know how you do it but you spoke directly to my problems and I believe you truly understand. I can not forget how wonderful it was to be in your class."

Klementyna Tizzano, Naples Italy Capodichino



"Excellent course. Everyone at HRSC should be required to take this course."
Commander McKeral, US Navy, Gulfport MS


"The moment you started the seminar, I knew it was not going to be business as usual. We were blown away. I can't tell you what it has meant. Words won't satisfy."

Leonor Varela,  Rota Spain


"We were weary and beaten before you came. You will never know what you have meant to us and we will never be able to express it. You touched every person in the classroom, Christian and Muslim, and changed our lives. Everyone agrees, God sent you here. We knew it on the first day. God bless you and keep you!"

Ambroshia Smith, Manama Bahrain


“People who attended your previous seminar kept telling me how amazingly good you were. I couldn’t believe anyone could be that good. Now, having attended myself, I can say as Queen of Sheba told Solomon, the half has not been told.”
Rosa Cleaves, US Naval Reserve, New Orleans

Here's a sampling of the over 800 clients served:



Owens Corning
Del Monte Foods
Cedar Point Amusement Park
King’s Island Amusement Park
Tower Automotive
Nabisco Foods
RJ Reynolds
Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Miller Brewing Co.
Lord & Taylor Store
Riviera Inc.
Allegheny Power System
EEI Security Committee
Commonwealth Edison
Southern California Edison
People’s Gas Co.
National Grocers’ Association

International Carwash Association


GOVERNMENT: Local, State, Federal

US Department of Health & Human Services

U S Department of Defense

US Department of Homeland Security
U S Construction Battalion Center
U S Environmental Protection Agency
The U S Defense Logistics Agency
The Secret Service & The FBI
US Dept. of Health & Human Services

Ingall's Shipbuilding
Head Start
NASA Stennis Space Center
Ohio Children’s Services
Chicago Police Dept.
Village-wide in IL: Wilmette, LaGrange, Palos Park, North Chicago, Geneva

Evanston Police

Oak Park, IL Police
Joliet, IL Police
Skokie, IL Police
Peoria, IL Police
Illinois State Police
Cook County Sheriffs
Cook County Bomb Squad
Wisconsin State Police
Indiana State Police
Iowa State Police

Illinois Police & Fire Representatives from:



Arlington Hts.

Mt. Prospect



Downers Grove

Des Plaines



Elk Grove




Lake bluff

Lake Forest


Elmwood Park






Nevada Association of School Administrators

Ohio School Administrators

Chicago Public School Administrators

100's of Universities & Schools in Several States


Churches throughout the United States