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Roselyn Connor

"Allowing mediocrity from our students ensures they will be unable to compete on the global stage and will guarantee us a weakened nation and a disappointing future."

               Roselyn Connor

Sampling of Our Education Clients


Illinois State Board of Education

Chicago Board of Education

Nevada Administrators

Rossford Ohio Schools

Northwestern University

Lewis University

Loyola University

Truman College

Rhodes College

Northeastern University

Evanston Township High

Maine Township Schools

New Trier (Wilmette)

Waukegan High

Eisenhower - Blue Island

Shepherd High - Palos



Oak Forest

Thornton North

Thornton Fractional



Boylon- Rockford

Tinley Park

Proviso East


Kelly High

Near North



Clemente High School



Lucy Flower






School & University Seminars and Lectures

Educator and Administrator Programs:

  • 21 Point Plan for Engaging our Students in Learning


  • The Death of Expectation and Its Resurrection


  • Embracing America’s Diversity


  • Valuing Viewpoint Diversity 


  • Mind Renewal: Thinking at a Higher, Unexpected Plane


  • If It’s Going to Be, It’s up to Me


  • Communication Process Between Administrators & Educators


  • Understanding Generational Diversity 

"Ms. Connor made me feel like she was talking directly to me even though we were in an assembly. She made me see my future in a different light. I do have the ability to change my future. Thank you so much for coming here. I hope I get to see you again."

Sophomore student at Proviso East High, Maywood IL

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Student Lectures & Seminars:

  • Anti-Dropout Program: Powerful & Effective

  • Your Life, Directed by You


  • All Female Lecture

  • Staying Sane in a Crazy World

  • The Importance of Viewpoint Diversity


  • Valuable Social Skills Course


  • 3 Week Intervention Plan for “At Risk” Students


  • If It’s Going to Be, It’s up to Me (Accountability & Responsibility)
  • Preparing for Success (Taught from a Gen Y perspective)