Roselyn Connor
Where Do You Get Your News?

Where Do You Get Your News?


Even though we live in a 24-hour news cycle where cable networks broadcast programming (not just news) continuously, we exist in a news-drought. True news is actually where something happens and it gets reported without added opinion, without editorial comments by the journalist and definitely without altering any facts. Based on that criteria, we live in a pure news drought-stricken land. If news was food, we’d be a seriously malnourished country. The level of professionalism has reached an unprecedented sub-basement low.  If you like the eye-rollers who perform that immature reaction to guests they invited but immediately attempt to eradicate them, you can tune to that cable network. If you like a newscaster that showed her impartiality by crying on air the day after the election, you can tune in to that network. If you enjoy having journalists that ignore important stories that don’t fit their political narrative, you’ll have no problem tuning in to that because they own two networks, one on cable and the other on regular nightly news. They really want to control what we, the public, thinks and knows. They take an awful chance though because doing this is dangerous. More than a couple of times there’ve been major news stories they chose to ignore that still managed to grow big and by the time they reported it they had to first bring their viewers up to speed on a days-old item. That’s what many communist countries do. Venezuela was known for keeping their people in the dark about world affairs. One of their news stations went against the dictator and aired unscripted material. They blockaded themselves only to be later arrested. Who knows what happened to some of them.


We don’t live there. Our biggest selling feature for the US is freedom. Freedom of thought, speech, ideas, viewpoints, religion, employment, education, etc. The day after the election, CNN promptly announced it would NOT carry the first White House briefing live, even though this is a tradition. Why? Listen, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS, just give us the news and let us decipher it. Stop spoon feeding us according to our political bent. Stop withholding news. Stop making your personality larger than the news stories. I shouldn’t have to scroll down to a non-American network to get raw data on the happenings of my own nation. Stop taking us for granted with your immaturity, lack of professionalism and opinionated “news”. We want truth, whether we can handle it or not. Let us decide. Just report and get out of the way. Make it news for a thinking public that is ready to feast. We are hungry for truth. If you can’t do that, it may be time to repackage yourself as a commentary site and not a news channel.


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