Roselyn Connor
What Happened?

What Happened?


           Have you noticed that a great many people are missing something? Have you noticed how they are able to justify nearly any behavior or action?  I remember my mother and father telling me as a child that I should be “ashamed” of myself when I did something wrong. My reaction was to bow my head and begin thinking about what I’d done.  As I grew older, I needed the prompting of my parents less and less to evoke shame. I knew when I was wrong and shame  often initiated change in my behavior. The wrong stuff that I justified, I maintained. It was likely to be done again by me. The more I did whatever it was, the more I justified and the easier it got.

A little thing like shame struck a desire within me to change. As I look around at people I see them justifying all kinds of bad behavior. Seldom do I hear an admittance of anything wrong. This includes the shame of dressing inappropriately, being super overtly sexual in public, or making someone’s life miserable through social media. Obviously there is no shame experienced because the next day people awaken to a brand new day to do the same mess all over again. Over the weekend I took a drive down the historic Magnificent Mile  (Michigan Ave.) close to downtown Chicago. My eyes were assaulted by a number of people who decided to wear the least amount of fabric to cover their bodies; just enough to keep them from a jail cell. Possessing no shame at all, they walked proudly. They ranged in age from 70 something to teens. I considered that some of these fashion misfits may have lost a bet and were dared to make spectacles of themselves. There’s no way all of them chose to ventilate their pores and shock people around them. No way; it had to be a wager that was lost. Yeah, that’s it!

And what about the people who either tell all their business on Facebook and Twitter, or they tell yours? Where is their shame? It’s not there. Forget it. You want to enlighten them by letting them know it’s not really a good idea to film themselves doing private things and then post it to the world. Even worse is posting things that should never be done period and showing the world. This includes physical beat-downs, rapes, and murder. Really? Why would anyone do that? Don’t they have any shame? Obviously not. So we ask ourselves the not-so proverbial question, what happened? Indeed, what has happened? Without shame, it will happen again tomorrow.  We have to change that. We can, but we have to start with ourselves.


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