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You Need to Grow Up

Christian Church History

Holiness Teaching in Unholy Times

Prayer Clinic Manual

A Little Kindling for Your Fire

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"...upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18 


If you want a better church, pray for the one you have.

Seminars for Your Church
Complete outlines available upon request.

Shaping a Successful Church Staff


Building Successful Leaders*


Organizational Skills for Your Church


Customer Service Should be a Church Concept*


Smoothing Out the Wrinkles of Interpersonal Communication Skills Within the Church


Contending for the Faith® (ABSOLUTELY EXPLOSIVE)


Embracing the Vision
Mother Prayer is in Intensive Care, Let’s Pay Her a Visit (What we all should know about the power of prayer)


*Building Successful Leaders: Outline


            Some people are natural born leaders while others must be groomed.  In either event, instruction is a must.  The bones of this seminar are similar to the leadership programs we’ve taught to captains, commanders and lieutenants of the Navy, Army and Marines.  Our spiritual upbringing tells us there’s no better place to look for leadership than in the Word of God! 


            The basic premise of our program is two fold: teach that to be a leader you must first follow; being obedient to those who have rule over you, and, Christ calls for excellence in all that we do for Him.  Many people don’t want to do it that way.  They believe leadership means having underlings who follow their command.  That’s a frequent misconception.  Leaders lead by doing. They also know how to balance that with delegation.  Letting go of the reins and letting others help is key to keeping people involved.

            A good leader will work his way out of a job by training others around him.  Then he can meet the tasks of different, more challenging jobs around the church.  There’s enough work for everybody.  A spirit-lead church is in constant growth and so there will always be a new crisis and new challenges.


            Our seminar will deal with the attributes of Christ.  We’ll apply Romans 12: learn to criticize with love and firmness.  Your people will learn that the outcome is more important than the ego.  A job that’s completed on time has more value than one that is done alone so someone can obtain sole vainglory.   Seminar attendees will learn to exercise proactive thinking.  They’ll understand we shouldn’t form a committee to clean the church hallways, instead, just get a broom and sweep it.  Then move on to something else that needs attention. They’ll become to the pastor what Joshua was to Moses and what Timothy was to Paul.



The Churches Approach to Customer Service

*Customer Service Should be a Church Concept: Outline


            Loosely identified, a customer is a person who receives goods and or services in exchange for compensation. While most churches rarely think of their members as customers, one must conclude we do provide service to them. In exchange for those services our members show up physically, spiritually and financially for programs we design. In a nut shell, the total reason for having a church is to glorify God, preach the gospel, seek the lost, and meet the needs of the people we serve. The Word speaks a great deal about servitude. We also understand the word “needs” means salvation first followed by biblical instruction, marriage counseling, singles’ ministry, fellowship, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, educating children, etc. Unless salvation is the main goal we have become merely a community center. The customer service the church provides isn’t like the conventional concept given by stores and insurance companies. Our directives for service are provided by God. 

            This groundbreaking seminar gives your people a firm understanding of the principles of how we are to treat visitors, and our brothers and sisters in Christ. They will learn the seven components of a service-oriented church and how to apply them daily. They’ll thoroughly know which attitudes cause visitors never to return again and the ones that chase away current members. Your seminar participants will be trained to provide superior service that makes members feel appreciated and that they’re part of something special. This is the same message members of a family want to feel. Too many times we reserve good treatment for outsiders while “family members” get treated “old hat”. God never intended for the members of the body to receive less than the best. This seminar will fully impart God’s plan for service among your church members.