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“In every symposium there is a defining moment that lets you know this is why you came. For many of us, your presentation was that moment. We’re so grateful.”
Stephanie Johnson,

US Navy, Naples Italy

Looking for EEO training? We have you covered. Our classes are never boring. We routinely receive a 99% excellence rating from attendees for POSH and other EEO courses. That's not easy, but we do it!


'Police Strategies for Dealing With the Public Professionally’


‘9 Point Plan for Sergeants & Lieutenants to Motivate Officers’



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Supervision, Management and Leadership Courses:       

‘The Making of a Leader’ (Intro to Supervision) is focused on the foundational and structural components of sound leadership. The 8 immutable laws of leadership is woven throughout the program and balanced with individual personal assessments of one’s strengths and weaknesses.  Emphasis is on what it takes to be a strong, well-defined, compassionate, proactive executive.  This class is taught from 3 important criteria: The Individual, The Post, and the People Being Led.  It is an exhaustive program that goes into great detail about each aspect of leadership, including: leadership styles, communication, how to confront, how to mentor and coach, resolving poor performance, people skills, professionalism, OPM issues,  EEO law, the GS system, and so much more.  An excellent leader gives direction, confidence, energy and focus to people and lets them know when they’re off track.  Attendees will be engaged in precisely what it takes to be the kind of leader that gets results and makes a positive impact. Recently, this seminar was taught to 27 individuals from several DOD organizations and was given a rating of “excellent” from 98.5% of the attendees. The four day program includes a well-planned workbook. Skill level: new & mid-level

‘Values-based Leadership’ - The content of this program centers on leadership principles that are unfailing and fundamental. The most effective leaders are principle-centered and resolute in their thinking. Attendees will come away from the program with a far greater sense of purposeful direction by learning how to: uncover problems, encourage follow through, promote active leadership, and dynamically transform plain leadership. They will learn how to: establish core objectives for the ethical leader; see potential problems before they arrive; plan and organize programs that empower workers; set milestones to encourage completion; and maintain a values-oriented approach when leading. Skill level: all

‘Leading at the Speed of Change’ - Supervisors and managers need to deftly handle change with finesse and ease if they’re to be viewed as being strongly aware. Being equipped to make necessary changes at the “speed of needs” is critically imparted in this seminar. Attendees will learn to confront changing situations and to modify his/her approach to keep ahead of the altering states within the organization. We’ll establish a four fold process: observe, plan, approach, follow-up. We equip supervisors to act on change not react to it. Emphasis is on what it takes to be a strong, well-defined, visionary, proactive executive at a time when change is inevitable. Skill level: all


‘Developing the Mentor Within’ - No one can give away that which they don’t possess. Mentoring requires the virtues of patience, compassion, generosity and altruism. Our program can help people develop and master these skills but the willingness to implement the plan must come from the individual. Participants will learn what to expect from a mentoring relationship; the skills of proper communication; intervention; how to assess your abilities to coach; guiding people to develop a stronger drive and improve listening skills. The results are an overall improved mentoring experience for everyone. You’ll see a greater return on investments of time and energy. Skill level: new & mid-level


‘Skillful Planning for All Managerial Levels’ - This valuable session will give a boost to the planning phase of your duties. Planning is a requirement for every supervisor.  Attendees will learn to make use of all available resources in creating effective plans. We’ll look at: the distinction between long and short-range goals, employee participation, adopting an intelligent planning process, differentiating strategic plans, tactical plans, and operational plans, setting objectives, exercising consistency, program evaluation, and “critical path” charting.  This is a fast moving day that’s filled with vital information that will promote efficiency while reducing waste and costs. Every level of supervisor or manager should attend this valuable session.  


‘Interviewing Prospective Employees’ -  All too often the wrong questions are asked and the right info is never garnered during the interview. Six months later we wonder why we promoted or hired this candidate. Interviewers need to ask questions which get answers that let them know what kind of employee this is.  We’ll give you a series of info-getting questions that can help determine the emotional and intellectual aptitude of the candidate.  The interviewer can then make solid determinations about the prospect’s potential to make valuable contributions.  Skill level: new & mid-level


‘Gaining Even Better Communication Skills for Managers & Supervisors’ - Within your arsenal of skills, communication is the most important tool you have.  We jeopardize our ability to lead when we fail to convey our thoughts; ideas; desires; needs and expectations.  This is true in all relationships; personal & professional. This course will be a valuable asset to all areas of your life. You will learn the intricacies of good communication; how people easily misunderstand your intent; what it takes to get your ideas across; getting people to take you very seriously; conveying to people exactly what they must do to maintain and excel in their jobs; also, encourage and inspire workers to exceed their own goals.  This course will: help build rapport, spot potential conflict, make supervisors’ intentions clearer, further understanding of body language and perception, promote words that correct poor performance and behavior, and improve the overall work environment. This seminar will include highly valuable information gathered from supervisors across the country and specifies what it takes to improve supervisor/employee relations to motivate your workers.


‘Taking The Sting Out Of Military Supervising Civilians’ - This program will help to significantly minimize conflict and promote cooperative relations between our military supervisors and civilians.  Among the core concepts of the course are: developing communication strategies that connect and motivate; understanding the power of your words; recognizing attitudinal values; delaying knee-jerk reactions that hurt work-relationships;  expressing concerns and offering criticism in an effective manner; gently passing on a military-style work ethic when needed; and, avoiding those issues, approaches and tactics that are unacceptable and unallowable in the civilian workforce. This will be an enlightening, educational and relevant course for all who attend.

‘5-Star Coaching Techniques’- If coaching is part of your job or will become part of it, you know how tough it can be to motivate people.  Getting workers on the right track and keeping them there is exactly what ‘Five-star Coaching Techniques’ is all about. The long-term effective seminar modules include: The Practical Coach Video, using the unique 2 minute challenge to keep workers on track, encouraging good work habits, correcting poor work, keeping cranky employees from contaminating the whole group, the sustaining traits of a great coach, offering discipline without destruction, the performance factor, and keeping yourself motivated so you can motivate others. Participants will learn how to encourage, inspire and empower workers to move in the right direction while putting an end to negative, disruptive behavior.  The workshop strongly encourages managers to be direct with employees who’ve gotten “off track” and gives them the tools to turn them around. You’ll be very satisfied with the time you spend in this rewarding class.  It’ll pay off throughout your career.



Customer Service Course:


‘Making Your Customers Love You by Giving Stellar Service ’  -  If you give people more than what they expect, you’ll win them away from your competition. “Don’t just fulfill what they need or would like, create what they’d love.” Perception is everything. There’s probably few things that can’t be gotten in more than one place. To create the perception to your customers that what you have to offer is unique and exceptional, you must delve into the realm of their strongest desires. This seminar is a translation of customer service into the language of your business or organization.  It’s designed to go deeper than most programs by getting your employees and management to understand the significant role each plays in delivering the stuff that satisfies your customers.  Seminar modules include: Preconditions to optimum communication with customers; Get it to them in the shortest time possible; Being first-rate with internal and external customers; Satisfying unmet wants; Going the extra mile to make customers happy; Avoiding mistakes and attitudes that cost more than just money; and, Using complaints as a science for improvement.

Anyone attending this course will have a far more intricate understanding of what it takes to secure new customers and actively maintain present ones.  While it may seem simple, the key word that runs from the beginning and throughout the entire program is RESPECT.  Customer satisfaction is impossible to achieve without respect being an integral part of the relationship between supply and demand. Your customers will notice improved performance and a greater level of dedication.  Level: both management & employees



Diversity Training Courses:  

Embracing America’s Diversity’  -  Our diversity programs are among the absolute finest.  Our firm has trained organizations whose problems were made known to the nation on ‘Dateline’, ‘60 Minutes’ and ‘CNN Headline News’. A written comment by a deputy chief from a highly publicized police department stated, “Thank you for coming to us and opening our eyes to see our short comings.  Understanding must occur before we can heal.”   Diversity training is a sensitive subject, but it needn't’t be offensive or accusatory.  We take a modern and historical look at prejudices and relate them to the workplace.  Participants learn how to use diversity to improve and expand their understanding of coworkers, customers and management. Among the valuable seminar modules are: Exploring stereotypes, Prejudices come from all races, The changing face of America, Going beyond racial identity, Crossing the gender line in communication: Men & Women, Global gestures & meanings, Attitudes & assumptions that cause friction in the workplace, and, Networking beyond race & gender. Among the many values you’ll receive from this course is it’s instrumental in relieving you of employee complaints of unfair practices.   Level:  All members of your organization will benefit.


'The Diversity of Viewpoints'- This is an exciting and totally current subject matter.  With our world becoming more electronic-communication oriented, we’ve seen an amazing number of venues for individuals to share opinions and viewpoints.  If you couple this with a recent loss of civility and prime-time “news” shows where “shouting down” guests is the order of the day, you have an explosive situation brewing.  You see a lack of viewpoint diversity within the hallowed halls of our universities, on television & radio, at work, on internet blogs, and just about any place where two or more are gathered.  Differing viewpoints have become the fodder for workplace discipline, ostracizing, and even dismissals. There has never been a greater need for Diversity of Viewpoint than now.  Our seminar incorporates the following modules: Viewpoint tolerance, Understanding the differences between tolerance & acceptance, Some things should be kept to yourself, No thought-police allowed, Diverse viewpoints are natural & healthy, Case studies of viewpoint discrimination, How to thrive in a workplace with differing thought processes, and Why group-thinking only belongs on a team and not in viewpoints. The result is a more harmonious workplace where people are not discriminated against for having differing viewpoints.


'Understanding Generational Diversity’ -   While generation “Xers” are replacing the baby boomers in the workforce as the majority, the attitude toward work, loyalty, commitment and life is fundamentally different.  Those differences have caused some friction, disruption and dilemmas.  Not all Gen Xers are of the same mindset.  Much has to do with who they were raised by, how and where they grew up. Millennials (Y) are all together unique. This seminar will assist in connecting those born before the sixties with the unique breed of employees known as Generation X & Y to steer organizations around the problems that are being encountered. We’ll also look at a growing segment that is quickly returning to the workforce (prompted by retirement losses): older, wiser, more experienced workers who are 65+. We’ll show the thought processes and approaches each generation has and how they got them. We'll also reveal strategies to communicate and to build bridges that connect one generation to another. Get ready for a session filled with revelation about workers and even your children. What you’ll learn will assist you at work and in your home. This session will offer a great return for your time and you’ll be very glad you attended.  Skill level: all



Communication Courses:


‘Smoothing out the Wrinkles of Interpersonal Communication ’ packs a punch in the stomach of unhealthy conflict. It’s designed to make the attendee substantially more aware of communication dichotomies and minimize conflict. Attendees will be given practical communication strategies that improve day to day rapport by establishing crucial skills.  We’ll get rid of ambiguity, establish a win/win interface, build rapport, and avoid needless conflict.  Skill level: new & mid-level

‘Listening First So the Shouting Doesn’t Start’- This course takes listening to two levels: improving your listening habits and getting others to listen well to you. We offer ideal training for your entire staff. Attendees will learn the 6 signs that listening is actively happening, the interpretation and effects of body language, focusing on interactive stimuli, avoiding the barriers to listening, getting people to pay attention to your words and intent, and how to listen at a higher level.  They’ll learn how many fiascoes, including relationship fallouts, can be avoided by first listening to people and being certain what they meant is what you heard. Skill level: all

‘Presentation Skills 4 Those Who Hate Public Speaking’ - Attendees will get practical strategies that will get them through the toughest presentation.  You’ll be more polished and capable of stepping up to the plate for a good delivery.  Topics include the 5 hallmarks of a good presenter, disabling fears of public speaking, and handling unsavory audience members with tact and superlative skill.  Skill level: all


‘Building Knock-out Presentation Skills’ - This 2-Day training program teaches no-nonsense tactics that will improve your connection, boost self-esteem, and enhance your delivery. This is a truly complete program for learning what makes up a great presentation.  This seminar reveals what it takes to present an enthusiastic, compelling, and effective address to any audience. Attendees will learn how to:  orchestrate their material; create notable audiovisuals; speak with clarity, direction and power; and handle tough audiences. They’ll be more polished and more capable of stepping up to the plate for a good, memorable delivery. This important session is divided into 3 exhaustive segments: Presentation, Message, and Delivery. Skill level: all


‘Interviewing Skills for Those Wishing to be Promoted or Looking for New Employment ’  -   Using an engaging system of red & green lights, candidates will learn everything it takes to interview well, from speech, content, body language, proper & improper responses, to resume structure.  Candidates needn’t “wing” interviews by shooting in the dark.  They can have the confidence necessary to get promotions or a new position, whether the venue is internal or external. This seminar will be appreciated by your staff.   Skill level: new & mid-level

‘Advanced Communication Techniques’ is a superior communication program for those who’ve been in the workforce for a considerable amount of time and have attended other communication courses.  Seminar modules include, preconditions for optimum communication, establishing communication through inferences, intent & actual meaning, common frames of reference,  and active participation. Offering relevant frames of reference can help people understand why we perceive things as we do and make important contributions to understanding and even accepting requests.  Credibility is an integral part of our course as we assist people in helping them understand the five credibility dimensions: Competence, Composure, Empathy, Leadership, and Trustworthiness.  Skill level: middle & veteran

‘Conducting Shorter, More Efficient Meetings’ -   While meetings are a necessary part of business life, do they have to go on so long?  Not if you know the steps to making a meeting shorter, more focused, and more interesting  Our program gives you the tools to get everybody on board faster, with greater understanding and better equipped to put the info into action . By following our steps, meeting times can be cut far shorter and participants can have a greater understanding of practical application.  It’s a win/win situation for both management and workers.  Skill level: all



Teambuilding Courses:


‘Exit the Lone Ranger, Enter the Team’  -  Welcome to a course that will give you the tools to work with just about anybody! Good teamwork takes knowing how to utilize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. That means, getting everyone to put forth their best effort. This seminar is an excellent tool to improve skills of unification.  Getting people to work on the same page isn’t easy.  Attendees will be given what it takes to create a team-culture microclimate.  It’s not always feasible (or possible) to change an entire organization, but, we can learn how to create “microclimates” within the vast structure that are both healthy and productive.  This workshop was called “the best seminar I’ve ever attended” by 32% of the attending US Navy staff. It was rated “excellent” by an overwhelming 97%. Your staff will learn what a great team looks like and how to make it happen in their area.  Level: New and Mid-level

‘The Perfecting of Workable Teams’  -  This is an advanced program for the seasoned (5 or more years) supervisor to help him/her conquer the problems of teams within their organization. This is a balanced teambuilding course which addresses a preponderance of problems and situations they will encounter throughout their career.  The program is constructed of 3 well-planned phases: Relationship values, Leadership qualities, and Self-development. Within these paradigms are, developing a team culture, matching people for suitability, getting rid of politics, and establishing core values. After attending this program, supervisors will have the tools to organize, develop and motivate their teams. Level: Advanced



Conflict Reduction Courses:


‘Dealing with Difficult (#%*@!) People’  -  First rule, everybody is someone’s difficult person.  That being said, some people are difficult to half the people with whom they come in contact.  These are the folks that come to mind most often.  But, we’re not going to deal with just the outrageous personalities.  This seminar is going to uncover all those behaviors and attitudes that cause others  within working range to be ruffled.  Our program is systematic.  We show the problem and offer good, strong solutions that can be implemented. We’ve designed our course to help your workplace run much smoother and get people to be more focused on the real issues at hand instead of being unduly distracted by personalities.   Level: new and mid-level

‘Conflict Resolution Skills’  -  Conflict is a natural avenue in each relationship.  It can even be healthy when geared toward necessary change.  However, left unchecked and permitted to fester into a mixture of enmity and anger, it can destroy relationships and organizations.  We go to the core of conflict in its many forms.  We examine the causes and results of both healthy and unhealthy contention.  After “laying the wounds open on a bare table”, we help attendees develop ways to head off negative conflict.  We’ll guide them through methods to turn sour relationships back into healthy productive ones. Attendees will understand what most often causes conflict between individuals and how these seeds can be prevented from sprouting. They will be introduced to the characteristics of several troubling “personality types” and be given the info to deal with these people in an effective manner.  Level: Advanced


‘Preventing Violence in the Workplace’  - Description available on request.


‘Anger: Checked & Managed’ - Analysts say 20%-25% of the people in America’s workplace react to anger in the wrong way. Conflict is normal but the way we handle anger is key to resolving conflict in a healthy manner.  Anger has gained a great foothold in our society.  We frequently hear news stories about road rage, school & workplace shootings, cell phone filmed fights, and other recurrent issues that have deeply plagued our society in recent times. People appear to be unable or unwilling to resolve their anger wisely. Our program focuses on: the dangers of suppressed anger; the effects of anger on your health; how sustained anger changes your personality & heightens risks; keeping anger from progressing to violence; signs of the onset of anger; communicating so as not to provoke; dealing with issues with the right frame of mind; keeping stress levels low; confrontation done right; criticizing the correct way; ten effective things we can all do to prevent and solve anger issues; and, making the workplace a more hospitable, amicable place to spend the day.



Professional Development Courses  


‘Creating a Professional Image’ -    Program modules are: treating people professionally, exercising business etiquette, dressing for success, imagery consultation, don’t forget to put yourself on the to-do-list, developing the image you want conveyed, proper communication, and presenting yourself confidently.  Benefits: you’ll gain far greater control over the direction of your career and the organization will have a significantly more professional atmosphere. Level: All

‘Beyond Mediocrity to Excellence Driven’ -  If you’re focused and goal-oriented,  no doubt you become irritated by the number of people surrounding you who are satisfied with just getting by.  Mediocrity is a way of life for many of them.  If only they would find a spark within that causes them to reach for something more.  Our program is a magnificent tool in planting seeds that cause attendees to ignite a desire to take on new challenges, revive old ones, and seek to improve their overall performance. Attendees say “ was a shot in the arm” and changed their life.  Level: all

‘If it’s Going to be, It’s up to Me’ delivers a dynamic punch of accountability.  While the content gets people to be self-investigating and introspective, the message is delivered in such a motivational way that participants feel positively impacted. Every organization has its grade “A” workers. They are not ordinary, reactive, complacent, uniform clock watchers.  They are a serious cut-above the rest.  This course is devoted to getting workers to become proactive, self-starting, results oriented people. When you attend this seminar, get ready for effective change and true improvement in both your outlook and work habits. From the moment the seminar begins you’ll realize it’s not “business-as-usual”.  Woven throughout the program is the constant thread of accountability.  This seminar prepares you for new challenges, both at work and in your home life. The benefits of this presentation involve being proactive, empowerment, accountability, responsibility, and leadership.   Skill level: New & mid-level

‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ -  Stephen Covey’s program of accomplishing what matters most, transforming your plans into action and building a workable system. Skill level: all

‘Mind Renewal: Time for Change’ -   This valuable seminar offers the following modules: Transforming your mind through the process called “Regeneration”, and Examining how you perceive people, problems and positions. A modification in perception can transform everything.  Change is a fact of life so we teach people to embrace it and kick start it for success.  Skill level: all

‘The 15 Biggest Mistakes Made by Women in Business’ -   Attendees in four states said they wished their whole office came to this one.  We help women leap over the hurdles & pitfalls (poor priorities, emotional distractions, etc.)  to get them on track for bettering their career, work relationships, and personal life.  This program is such an eye-opener attendees said they wished they’d brought their relatives and couldn’t wait for the book to be published. They all enthusiastically said they benefited from the staggering candor and practical plans.  Skill level: all 


'Time Management: Making Each Day Productive’ - This is a class that will be a benefit in every aspect of your life by motivating you, helping you to take charge and giving you a plan to improve whatever you attempt.  You’ll learn to avoid the biggest time-robbers, set realistic goals, increase your energy & stamina, establish priorities, adjust your mindset to be results-oriented, and align your plans with higher productivity. We’ll show you how to stop others from encroaching upon your day with inane dribble which can steal valuable time and enthusiasm.  You’ll improve your focus and increase your drive.  The valuable lessons learned on this day will translate into other areas of your life and benefit you for years to come. 


‘Commando Problem-Solving Strategies’ -  This class will find an important avenue in helping you at  work and in your personal life. The skills you’ll achieve here will go far and wide in helping you solve many pressing issues. The strategies can be interchanged in various situations you come across so you can use the skills acquired here in many instances. Strategic problem solvers must be able to see beyond the tired ideology and end repeated stagnation.  Fresh, unconventional approaches are what’s needed to be a master player in the arena of commando problem solving.  Innovation is your key component in transforming problems into solutions.  First, we identify the problems and their origin, next we examine the outcome that would evoke a solution.  We then roll up our sleeves and come up with methods to obtain that outcome. We carefully apply decision-analysis techniques that will challenge standard thinking and bring about more than one solution to a problem. This program will offer and expose you to problem solving approaches most people have never considered.

‘Boosting Your Writing & Grammar Skills to Great Heights’ - With the exception of Pulitzer material, there’s no secret to truly good writing. Once you’ve adopted the foundation and structure of solidly effective text, you’ll be less intimidated by your tasks. At the end of this session you’ll understand the rules of grammar and how to apply them; you’ll become familiar with proper punctuation; you’ll know sentence structure and paragraph assimilation. You’ll comprehend the four textual styles, and your vocabulary and writing skills will be greatly broadened and significantly advanced.  Skill level: Everyone will benefit, Available in 1 & 2 Day Format


"Resume Writing Made Easy' - Government and private sector programs available.