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Roselyn      Connor


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Roselyn Connor


Roselyn Connor is on the faculty of Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety as one of their major executive management trainers of police and fire personnel.  She is president of Brandon & Connor Associates in Chicago.  She has been a successful business consultant and speaker since 1991.  Since starting her firm in ‘93, she’s been  speaker and consultant to some major US establishments including: The Chicago Police Dept., Illinois State Police, U.S. Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, Coast Guard, US Dept of Homeland Security, Secret Service, DLA,  FBI,  US Dept of HHS, Environmental Protection Agency, NAACP, R.J. Reynolds, Miller Beer, Helene Curtis, Macy’s Stores, Owens Corning, People’s Gas, Commonwealth Edison, Southern California Power, churches, schools, hospitals and  hundreds more. She has clients on four continents.



Roselyn’s majors in Astrophysics and Russian never led to her original career goal; becoming an astronaut.  Instead, her natural ability for motivating and energizing people took center stage. She’s never regretted her choice.


From January 1998 to June 1999, she trained all 1250 Chicago police sergeants in Team Building.  Her evaluations  reflected a high 99.3%  approval rating.   She was invited back to the Chicago Police Department from 2002-2003 to train all of their civilian workers. Her background includes training police officers and fire fighters from more than 70 departments nationwide. Having spoken in over 400 schools she’s no stranger to the education world.


She’s trained executive management, including mayors and village presidents.  After her seminars, many of them contract her to train their entire staff! Municipalities have called on her to train all their workers city-wide in half a dozen villages and towns.


To her credit, Roselyn was chosen for the very tough task of training the well-publicized Highland Park Police Department for racial profiling.  She passes along pertinent info in a manner that once had government audiences in Columbus Ohio offering to stay an extra half hour! Her informed, personable and upbeat approach is a hit with audiences each time.


Roselyn has been instrumental to many companies, schools and government agencies in educating their staff members. Her seminars have been the subject of over 20 newspapers and magazines both local and national. A reporter with the Tribune wrote, “Roselyn is so comfortable in front of audiences, it’s as if she was born to do this...”. She has appeared on WGN, CNN and FOX News affiliates.


Roselyn is a published writer and has been a speaker to more than 750,000 people. Her useful advice, dynamic style, and dedication to excellence have put her in constant demand.


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